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Babbar Akali Lehar


BABBAR AKALI LEHAR - HEROES from Chabbewal-Mahilpur area who participated in Babbar Akali Lehar and gave a strong fight to the British Government to liberate their nation:

Bhai Piara Singh Langeri

Bhai Piara Singh, Langeri – He was a Gadhrite leader in Canada. He came to India to take part in freedom movement and was awarded death sentence in the first Gadhar Conspiracy case which was commuted to life imprisonment after words. Later on, he was elected to Punjab State Assembly from Mahilpur constituency.

Dhanna Singh Behbalpur

Bhai Dhanna Singh, Behbalpur – Born in Behbalpur, son of Sardar Inder Singh, Dhanna Singh Behbalpur killed eight police personnel on 25-10-1923 with a bomb while they were trying to captured him alive on the tip of an police informer, Karam Singh Mananhana. He also got martyrdom in this bomb blast.

Sorry, we couldn’t find complete details for the following members of the Babbar Akali Lehar:

Mohinder Singh s/o Labh Singh, Pandori Ganga Singh – Shaheed, Saka Babeli
Jawala Singh, Fatehpur Kothi – Shaheed, Saka Mander
Waryam Singh, Kot Fatuhi – died in jail while serving life imprisonment
Thakar Singh, Bharta – life imprisonment
Sundar Singh, Makhsoospur –life imprisonment
Harbans Singh, Sarhala Khurad – imprisoned for 14 year
Bhai Chajja Singh s/o Ishar Singh, Chansu – imprisoned for 14 year
Labh Singh Kavishar s/o Suba Singh, Jassowal – imprisoned for 14 year
Bhagwan Singh , Fatehpur Kothi – imprisoned for 7 year
Harnam Singh Saini, Pandori Ganga Singh – 5 year imprisonment
Sundar Singh, Pandori Ganga Singh – 5 year imprisonment
Inder Singh Saini, Pandori Ganga Singh – 5 year imprisonment
Hazara Singh Saini, Pandori Ganga Singh – 5 year imprisonment
Kartar Singh Saini, Pandori Ganga Singh – 5 year imprisonment
Partap Singh, Pandori Ganga Singh – 5 year imprisonment
Bhula Singh, Pandori Ganga Singh – 5 year imprisonment
Wattan Singh, Ganeshpur
Sundar Singh Brahmin s/o Nand Lal, Kot Fatuhi
Hari ingh Khanda, Chela
Bhai Amar Singh, Rajowal
Sardul Singh s/o Partap Singh, Buro Barian
Bhai Dalel Singh s/o Bhai Deviye, Mananhana
Banta Singh s/o Jaimal Singh, Behabalpur
Hari Singh s/o Surjan Singh, Jassowal
Karam Singh s/o Bhula Singh, Jassowal
Hardit Singh s/o Munsha Singh, Jassowal
Charan Singh s/o Khushpal Singh, Jassowal
Beant Singh Zaildar s/o Chanda Singh, Nangal Kalan
Sundar Singh s/o Deva Singh, Kalewal
Udham Singh s/o Vaisakhi Singh, Kalupur
Baba Singh s/o Bhulla, Kalupur
Giani Kartar Singh s/o Surjan Singh, Gondpur
Lakha Singh s/o Ganga Singh, Kot Fatuhi
Waryam Singh s/o Narain Singh, Kot Fatuhi – died on Dec-29-1924 before the trial.

At the end, six Babbars were hanged to death, thirteen were awarded life imprisonment, four faced imprisonment for fourteen years, seventeen got sentenced for 7 years each, five were booked for 5 year each, two for 2 years each and one was booked for 1 year. Total of forty Babbars were set free, five Babbars died in jails during their trials, eight faced martyrdom while fighting against the police and one Babbar, Amar Singh Mandiani was never arrested.


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